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    30 Days of Fitness: Day 8

    Welcome back to 30 Days of Fitness, my journey to being less of a fat guy. Yesterday, I went over my weekend R&R, but I'm back in the thick of it, so let's go over Day 8!

    Day 8: 7/21/2014

    Yesterday was the first time that I didn't get up right away when my 5AM alarm went off. I think it's because the newness of this routine is fading, and so I'm not getting the immediate adrenaline kick from this being fresh and exciting. So I slept in around 20 minutes later than I should've. In the larger scheme, it doesn't really matter, because I still had plenty of time to work out and head into the office. But I need to be careful to not get lazy about getting up on time and staying consistent.

    On to the exercise routine!

    • 125 Calorie Burn on the Elliptical
    • 50 Freeweight Curls
    • 125 Stomach Crunches
    • 50 Leg Lifts
    • 200 Hip Abduction (Weighted Thigh Crunches) Reps
    • 50 Leg Press Reps
    • 125 Calorie Burn on Exercise Bike

    Coming off of the weekend, I wanted to hit the gym hard, so I've moved up the bar a little. I'm now doing an additional 25 caloric burns during my opening and closing cardio, I've added 25 more stomach crunches, and as you can see, I went a little nuts on the hip abduction machine. Last week, when I used that machine, my legs were basically raw meat for two days. But this time, I didn't feel the burn nearly as bad, so I just kept going until I felt like I couldn't continue. 200 reps seemed like a nice round number, so I shot for that. Leg presses weren't quite as easy, so that's remained the same. Oh, and yeah, leg lifts are still fucking hard.

    Yesterday was also the first day that I started eating my own meals:

    • Breakfast: Chocolate Hydrowhey Protein Shake w/Almond Milk (180 Calories)
    • Lunch: Tofu Quinoa Bowl w/Shredded Parmesan and Sriracha (520 Calories)
    • Snack: Apple (95 Calories)
    • Snack: Nacho Kale Chips (150 Calories)
    • Dinner: 2 Small Bowls of Raisin Bran w/Almond Milk (460 Calories)

    Total Calories: 1405

    I'd intended to eat another apple before going to bed and hitting a perfect 1500, but I never really got hungry, so I figured I'd hold off until the morning. Oh, and as you can see, almond milk has found a great place in my diet. There was an article recently about how drinking almond milk is dumb because there are only a handful of almonds used, and it's mostly water, so why not just drink water, etc etc. What the author doesn't realize (or is ignoring) is that almond milk also tastes great and is really low in calories. So it's great for people who don't want the high calorie count in 2% milk, the water blandness of skim milk or the weird estrogen content in soy milk.

    My unsweetened almond milk is 40 calories per cup, which means I can put two cups of it in with my protein powder and have a filling breakfast for way less calories. And I'm already getting most of my nutrients from my powder and other meals anyway, so the so-called lack of nutrition isn't a concern. Anyway, what I'm saying here is that if you want a great alternative to 2% milk, try some unsweetened almond milk. You might be surprised.

    And that's Day 8. Come back tomorrow for a return to upper body workouts and conquering a lack of confidence!


    30 Days of Fitness: Days 5-7

    Hello and welcome back to 30 Days of Fitness! Today, I'll be rounding up my journey to be less fat from over the weekend. Since my workout days are Monday through Thursday, Friday through Sunday is my rest and relaxation period, especially since Saturday is my Cheat Day. So there won't be any exercise breakdowns today, and definitely not any caloric breakdowns for Saturday. Having said that, let's get started!

    Day 5: 7/18/2014

    • Breakfast: Froot Loop'd Protein Shake at Protein Bar (240 Calories)
    • Lunch: Spinach Pesto Bowl at Protein Bar (480 Calories)
    • Dinner: Chicken Pita w/Assorted Veggies and Moroccan Aioli (~700 Calories)

    I found out about midday that my girlfriend and I were going to go hang out and grab dinner and drinks that night. Now, on my diet, drinking alcohol isn't really practical (empty calories, and I'm way more likely to snack when I'm drinking), but I figured, having only had 720 calories that day, that if I could make it to dinner without eating anything else, I could find something on the menu that would keep me under 1500. We went to Harding Tavern in Logan Square, and I got the chicken pita. I was worried primarily because their menu specified that the chicken was thigh and because of that ailoi. The pita was going to be around 160 calories, and the thigh was going to be like 450, which only left like 120 calories for the ailoi, the vegetables and any butter they might use during the cooking process.

    Luckily, the menu online was wrong, and it turned out they actually use chicken breast, which cut about 200 calories from the meal. With the pita+chicken combo at only 410, and the moroccan aioli only adding 160 calories (thanks, Google!), I figured leaving 150 calories for vegetables and butter was a reasonable allowance. I'm sure butter was used, so I'm estimating that meal at around 700 calories.

    Total Calories: ~1440

    Not so bad, right? Well, I honestly didn't handle that day very well. See, I ate lunch around 11:30, and we didn't end up eating dinner until about 8:30. So I went a full nine hours without eating, and having only had around 700 calories that whole day, I was feeling a bit light-headed. My girlfriend told me I needed to eat something, just to keep going, and that there was no health benefit in starving myself. But I'm a stubborn idiot and I just kept stressing that this was the diet I chose, and I was going to stick to it. I made it to dinner all right, and within five minutes of eating, I was back to normal, but there was really no reason to do what I did. I could've had an apple and gone 35 calories over my limit and I would've been fine. We actually ended up doing some walking around the neighborhood later, so I would've burned off those calories no-problem. But part of the reason I know I'm going to finish these 30 days also makes me blind to reason sometimes, I guess.

    What it comes down to is, the whole point of this diet is to be healthier, and starving yourself to hit an abritrary number isn't healthy. Lesson learned.

    Day 6: 7/19/2014 (Cheat Day)

    Fuckin' cheat day hell yeah eat dat shiiiiiiiiit!

    So yeah, I was looking forward to Cheat Day. Other than the psychological benefit of diving back into unrestricted eating, it also plays the vital role in keeping my caloric burn rate high. See, since I've started eating less, my stomach's going to try and adjust by burning calories slower so that my weight is maintained. But since I'm trying to cut weight, cheating on my diet once a week fools my stomach into thinking that nothing's changed, and I'll continue to burn off fat as planned.

    I also celebrated my six-month anniversary with my girlfriend this weekend. It was actually last Tuesday, but since I wasn't able to eat anything at a restaurant, we put off celebrating it to Saturday. And celebrate, we did! After brunch and an afternoon snack, we went to Avec, one of the best restaurants in Chicago and had a feast for the ages. Afterwards, we went out for a drink and hung out in Lakeview before hitting up a midnight screening of Labyrinth at the historic Music Box Theater.

    • Brunch: Espresso French Toast w/Maple Syrup, Glass of Orange Juice
    • Midday Snack: Gummi Lifesavers and Ritz Cheese Crackers (Fuckin' Sue Me, I Like Them)
    • Dinnner - Appetizer: Cheese Plate w/Bread and Almonds
    • Dinner - Wine Pairing: Two Glasses Each of Red and White Wine (Fancy, Expensive)
    • Dinner - Main Course 1: Farmer's Steak w/Kale Chips
    • Dinner - Main Course 2: Squid & Chorizo Sausage in Squid Ink
    • Dinner - Desert 1: Housemade Nutter Butters
    • Dinner - Desert 2: Amaretto Cake w/Creamy Goat Cheese
    • Post-Dinner Drink: Founders All Day IPA
    • Pre-Movie Boost: 1 Medium Coffee w/Cream
    • Movie Snack: 1/2 Bag of Popcorn

    The steak I had at Avec is probably the best steak I've ever tasted in my life. And the cheese was phenomenal, holy crap. I'm not a wine guy, but they had some great stuff. Those nut butters are ridiculously tasty (and rich), and we were so full, we only ate like half of the amaretto cake. I should note that this isn't just me eating this - this is split between my girlfriend and I. Avec is a tapas restaurant, so everything is meant to be shared. The squid and chorizo was good, but everything else was just on another level. I can't recommend Avec enough.

    As for the midnight screening of Labyrinth, that movie is bonkers, and you'll definitely hear me talk about it on the next BOP.

    So that was my cheat day. It was epic and soul-enriching and my girlfriend and I had a great time. I felt renewed the next day, both physically and mentally. I think that's the most you can ask for out of a Cheat Day.

    Day 7: 7/20/2014

    Sunday was basically the hangover of an epic cheat day. I didn't literally have a hangover (after that crazy dinner, we didn't really have room for more than one drink). But we slept in super late, and ended up taking another nap shortly after breakfast. Yesterday was also the day I did my massive grocery for the week so that I wouldn't have to go to Protein Bar every day to stay on track. So my calorie intake yesterday was actually super low. But seeing as how I wasn't very active, and I felt fine before I went to bed, I don't think it's a big deal. Especially since I'm sure I consumed, minimal, 3000 calories the day before.

    Before I detail what I ate that day, I thought it might be cool for me to share my grocery list with you:

    • Baby Spinach
    • Quinoa (Both White and Tri-Color)
    • Baby Carrots
    • Low-Fat Shredded Parmesan
    • Lean Chicken Cutlets
    • Lean Ground Turkey Breast
    • Tofu
    • Almond Milk (Unsweetened)
    • Salmon Burgers (Frozen, Trader Joe's Brand)
    • Eggs
    • Nacho Cheese Kale Chips (Trader Joe's Brand)
    • Raisin Bran
    • Hydro Whey Protein Shake Powder (Chocolate Brownie Flavor, Brought at GNC)
    • Apples

    I also picked up some good lunch containers to bring my food to work. So last night, before going to bed, I cooked my lunch for today. And before I left for the gym this morning, I made my protein shake for after my workout. Everything I bought yesterday came out to around $100, and considering around $45 of that was my protein powder at GNC (which I'll only need to re-purchase once a month), that's not too bad at all.

    So here's what I ate yesterday

    • Breakfast: Egg Whites From 4 Eggs, Added Chili Sauce (68 Calories)
    • Midday Snack: Nacho Kale Chips (150 Calories)
    • Dinner: 2 Small Bowls of Raisin Bran w/Almond Milk (460 Calories)

    Total Calories: 678

    And that was my weekend. Not too bad, really. Oh, but before I close this entry out, I wanted to update you guys on my weight:

    • Starting Weight: 238.5 Pounds
    • Current Weight: 232.4 Pounds
    • Weight Loss: 6.1 Pounds

    Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for my Day 8 roundup!


    30 Days of Fitness: Day 4

    Hello and welcome back! For those of you just joining us, I'm on an epic journey to be less of a fat dude. For 30 days, I'll be limiting my caloric intake to 1500 per day, and working out four times a week, from Monday through Thursday. The quest to get down to 185 pounds will be much longer, but these 30 days will set the primer. Now onto Day 4!

    Day 4: 7/17/2014

    Yesterday was probably the hardest day I've had at the gym yet. Working out three days in a row left me a bit more sore in the morning than I'd expected, but I pushed on anyway. Since I'd taken a day off of upper body workouts to do leg stuff, I was back into incorporating the rowing machine and pull downs for my routine. Here's what I did:

    • 100 Calorie Burn on Elliptical
    • 100 Freeweight Curls
    • 100 Stomach Crunches
    • 50 Leg Lifts
    • 75 Pull Downs
    • 125 Reps on Rowing Machine
    • 100 Calorie Burn on Exercise Bike

    I think I may have overdone it on upper body stuff yesterday. My arm muscles likely hadn't fully recovered from Tuesday, so pushing them that hard yesterday perhaps wasn't the best idea. They're not super sore this morning, though (just the regular amount of sore), so we'll see. Leg lifts continue to be hard as shit, but I'm gonna try to up my number to 60 for next week's workout. Speaking of upping my numbers, it's time to move the caloric burn goals on my elliptical and bike routine, too. I'm hitting 100 too easily now, so as of next week, I'll shoot for 125.

    Now onto the food!

    • Breakfast: Fruit Loop'd Protein Shake at Protein Bar (240 Calories)
    • Lunch: 2 Bootlegger Club Sandwiches on Lettuce Wrap, no Tomato, EZ Mayo, No Cheese at Jimmy Johns (235 Calories Each)
    • Snack: Apple (95 Calories)
    • Dinner: 1.5 Servings of Vegan Bento Box w/Brown Rice, Carrots, Spinnach Dumplings and Corn (320 Calories Per Serving)

    Total Calories: 1285

    I came in under again, but the truth was, that Vegan Bento Box was super filling (I couldn't actually finish the whole box of two servings) and I just wasn't hungry the rest of the night. Normally I would've had an apple as well, but I just didn't need one. Speaking of vegan food, I would never actually become a vegan, but looking through the vegan section at the store yesterday, there were a ton of options for meals within my needs. Vegan food just happens to be high protein, low-calorie, and low-sodium.

    And that low-sodium thing is important. Especially after the fuckup I made yesterday. See those two lettuce wrap sandwiches I got from Jimmy Johns? I was looking for a change from Protein Bar, and for the hell of it, decided to check out the nutritional breakdown of my favorite sandwich at JJ's - the Bootlegger Club. Obviously the french bread options was out (it's like 450 calories by itself), and so was the multigrain bread option. But there's barely anything harmful in lettuce, so what's left is some deli sandwiches and some low-fat mayo (which still accounts for like 80 calories, honestly). No big deal, right?

    Yep, big deal. Because I wasn't paying attention to the sodium levels in the sandwich. A Bootlegger Club, even when you break it down that much, still contains over 800 MG of sodium. The recommended daily intake of sodium is 1500, and it's not recommended you go over 2100 on the high end. But right there, I was having well over 1600 MG. Needless to say, I'm going to keep a closer eye on the sodium levels of my food from here on out.

    Before I close this blog out, though, I should note that I made another change to my daily routine. Those of you who know me a bit know that I work in the tech sector, and as a result, sit at a desk all day. Well, it's no secret that sitting for that long every day messes with your posture, the health of your back in general, and drastically reduces the amount of calories you burn. So last week, I put in the request for a standing desk, and it arrived yesterday afternoon. So far I've only used it a couple of hours, but I'm interested to see how it affects my energy level, my sleep, and how much weight I lose.

    Come back Monday as I round up the weekend and my first cheat day!



    Welcome back to Box Office Poison! This episode, Karl, Jon, Mike, and Stan get together to discuss Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Snowpiercer, Life Itself, and a whole lot more. Then in our second segment Jonny joins us to talk about his pick for Movie of the Month Contact!

    Next episode we are gonna go through another batch of listener mail so send in your questions/comments/concerns to or hit us up on Twitter (@crosstawk). See ya then!

    Direct Download


    30 Days of Fitness: Day 3

    Hey, everbody!

    For those of you just starting to read these, I'm on a quest to be less of a fat dude. It's not gonna happen in 30 days, but for the next month, I'm on a very specific routine that I'll be sharing with you. The rules are pretty simple. I can't exceed 1500 daily calories and I have to work out four times a week in the mornings, Monday through Thursday. So let's kick off the roundup on Day 3!

    Day 3: 7/16/2014

    First up, if there's any fitness meme I could never get out of my head, it's been "Bros don't let bros skip Leg Day." We've all seen those weird pictures of Hugh Jackman, right? Basically, he's build like a brick wall from the waist up, but has tiny little stick legs. There's a pretty good reason for this (basically, you almost never see Wolverine's bare legs, so why wast time?), but it looks kinda odd. My legs have always looked pretty decent (holding up the rest of my body is a pretty good workout, I'd imagine), but hey, who am I to skip Leg Day? My upper body needed a rest anyway. So my routine was as follows:

    • 100 Calorie Burn on Elliptical
    • 50 Freeweight Curls
    • 100 Stomach Crunches
    • 50 Leg Lifts
    • 100 Thigh Crunches (Weighted Machine)
    • 50 Leg Presses (Machine)
    • 100 Calorie Burn on Exercise Bike

    Speaking of leg presses, I had a bit of an embarrassing scenario happen. So, before I saw that there was a much more handy leg press machine, I decided to try the regular leg press. It's pretty much the same, only you have to put the weights on yourself, rather than just putting the stopper into the right hole. You're also reclining back with the weighted press aimed pretty much right at your face. Only the stopper in the mechanism is preventing it from crushing you if you take your legs out.

    Unfortuntely, like, as soon as I did a full leg extention, I dunno, somehow that stopper like flipped upside down, and when I brought my legs back in, the press went pretty damn close to my face. It wasn't hard to push it back out, but now there was no stopper to keep it in place when I was done. At this point, I looked around and saw a couple other people nearby. I thought about asking for a little help, but I guess my embarrassment won out and I stayed quiet. I decided to bring my legs back a little further and try to just sideways-somersault out of there, but thankfully, when my knees where basically toucing my chest, there was another stopper (an emergency one, I'd guess) that kept it in place, so I was able to just get up, no problems. Now I was really glad I didn't ask for help. (NOTE: You should always ask for help, though. My place to escape was pretty dumb and I could have really hurt myself if that other stopper hadn't been in place)

    The rest of the workout went great - after I found that leg press machine, I was able to do the rest of my exercises and I went on my merry way. Now onto the calorie breakdown:

    • Breakfast: Large Comiskey Cocoa Chocolate Protein Shake at Protein Bar (300 Calories)
    • Lunch: Healthy Parm Bowl at Protein Bar w/Quinoa, Chicken, Parmesan, Marinara Sauce (390 Calories)
    • Snack: Apple (95 Calories)
    • Snack: Small Fruit Loop'd Vanilla Protein Shake at Protein Bar (160 Calories)
    • Dinner: Spinach & Pesto Bowl at Protein Bar w/Spinach, Basil Pesto, Quinoa, Chicken and Shredded Parmesan
    • Snack: Apple (95 Calories)

    Total Calories: 1520 Calories

    I ended up going over yesterday, but 20 calories is pretty negligible in the big picture, and since I'd come in under the previous two days, I figure it all kind of evens out.

    So you might notice (aside from the shitton of Protein Bar that I ate yesterday) that I started incorporating protein shakes into the daily intake schedule. I just wasn't sure if I was getting my daily protein dosage correct (though I probably wasn't too far off). I figured, since protein is a great way to satisfy hunger, I ought to just drink a protein shake. The chocolate one was really tasty, but the Fruit Loop'd shake has way less calories, even in its larger form, and it actually has a tiny bit more protein. Needless to say, it's what I had this morning instead.

    Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out how the rest of Day 4 goes!


    30 Days of Fitness: Day 2

    Hey, everybody!

    So for those of you just joining us, I've decided to trim down by taking a 30-Day plunge into a daily diet of 1500 calories and four weekly workouts, Monday through Thursday. Yesterday, I went through the first day of the diet and what I ate. As you might expect from the title, I made it to Day 2.

    One thing I didn't mention in yesterday's post was the hunger. I never experienced hunger pangs on Day 1, but I'd usually start to feel a little peckish like 30-45 minutes after eating. This is obviously due to my giant decline in caloric intake (I nearly cut it in half). On Day 2, thankfully, the hunger subsided, and I honestly barely thought about it until dinner. Traditionally, dinner's always been my biggest meal, so I think my body's trained to feel hungriest around 7-8PM. So I think, going forward, that will probably be the toughest time of day to stick to the diet.

    But before we get to calorie counting, let's break down my workout on Day 2!

    Day 2: 7/15/2014

    • 100 Calorie Burn on Elliptical
    • 100 Freeweight Curls (50 per arm)
    • 100 Stomach Crunches
    • 50 Leg Lifts (i.e. laying flat on my back and raising my legs to a 90-degree angle)
    • 50 Reps on Pull-Down Machine
    • 100 Reps on Rowing Machine
    • 100 Calorie Burn on Exercise Bike

    A few new additions to the routine. For one, I wanted to add leg lifts to my floor exercises because, honestly, most of my fat is in my stomach (shocker, I'm sure). And doing leg lifts, for me at least, are hard as fuck. After doing 50 I feel like my stomach contracts to half its size. The burn is pretty intense, which means it's working, I suppose. Secondly, I wanted to focus on upper boddy strength at least once a week, thus the pull-downs and rowing. Again, the fact that my arms felt like bags of jelly afterwards means it's having the desired effect.

    Now, on to the food!

    • Breakfast: Pesto Scramble Bowl at Protein Bar (250 Calories)
    • Lunch: Grilled Buffalo Burrito at Protein Bar (580 Calories)
    • Snack: Apple (95 Calories)
    • Dinner: Asian Salad Medley with Grilled Lean Chicken, Carrots and Fried Noodles (380 Calories)
    • Snack: Apple (95 Calories)

    Total Calories: 1400

    I still came in under 1500, but I got much closer to the mark than yesterday. Speaking of calories, a few people have asked me how my energy level is. After all, I get up at 5AM now instead of 7AM and I'm definitely not putting enough calories into my body to maintain my current weight. The truth is, it hasn't changed a whole lot. Sure, I go to bed a little earlier (10PM), but the last two nights, I've gotten really great sleep. I'd bet, even though I'm sleeping less, I'm getting more REM sleep than before from working out.

    Next up: Leg Day!


    Syndicated: Episode 11 (Derek)

    Each Syndicated host has picked their first show (Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, Fringe, and House of Cards) and so it's time for the first "bonus round" episode of Syndicated.  In these special episodes, we will open up the floor to a listener submission, or perhaps return to a previously covered show to look at later seasons.

    This time around, we welcome the host of Crosstawk's own Discover Music Project, and co-host of Box Office Poison, Jonathan Metts.  Jonny has brought the Netflix distributed, BBC-originated show "Derek" to the panel, and so we spend an hour talking about this lovely little piece of kindess.  Do we all love the show as much as Jonny?  Hard to say!

    I know we'd promised a follow-up to Friday Night Lights, and that's coming eventually.  It might be the next episode, or it might come a bit later.  The next show we're covering, aside from that FNL follow-up, is the NBC action-comedy "Chuck", so be sure to send in your listener mail questions and commentary, and we'll read them on the show!  

    We have a twitter account!  Follow us @SyndicatedPod!

    Don't forget to email us at!

    Direct Download (AAC)


    30 Days of Fitness: Day 1

    I've always been a heavier guy. As a kid, as a teenager, and then into adulthood. But recently, I've been getting the urge to trim down. I'm not trying to be 155 pounds and cut like sheetrock (though if you know a way for this to happen while I'm sleeping, hey, let me know), but I'd like to be a bit more fit and a tad stronger. Living in Chicago doesn't make this easy - this is a city that can and will put bacon and three kinds of cheese on pretty much everything. But there are certainly options, and I know most of the issue is that I've just been lazy about sticking to a routine in the past. So I'm making a change.

    I wouldn't say I'm tackling a specific diet, per se. It's actually extremely bare-bones at the moment. The idea is that, for 30 days, I'll be sticking to this regimin:

    • I can only consume a maximum of 1500 Calories
    • I have to work out four times a week, from Monday through Thursday, for one hour
    • This workout has to be in the morning, before I go to work, to set my metabolism rate for the day
    • I'm allowed one cheat day per week, which I've chosen to be Saturday, to aid against my body adjusting to a lower caloric intake and adjusting by burning less

    Simple, right? I'm not doing any crazy fad diet or working out upside down or covered in bees. I'm just gonna eat healthier and exercise more. The idea is that I'll keep on going to the gym after I'm finished, but I'll simply eat healthy rather than sticking religiously to 1500 Calories.

    Yesterday, July 14th, was my first day.

    Day 1: 7/14/2014 (Starting Weight: 238.5 Pounds)

    I decided on River North Gym after a lot of hunting around for a couple reasons. Primarily, it's a five minute walk from my office, so it's an easy commute to get there, and an even easier route from there to work. I also chose it because they've got great facilities and amenities. It's pricey, but they make up for it by giving you a lot of complimentary stuff (towels, toiletries, private showers, etc).

    My first day of working out was pretty basic:

    • 2.5 Miles on the Elliptical Machine
    • 50 Stomach Crunches
    • 50 Freeweight Curls
    • 2.5 Miles on the Bike
    • 50 More Stomach Crunches
    • 50 More Freeweight Curls

    I'm obviously still fine-tuning my routine, but I figured this would be a good way for me to ease myself back into going to the gym. And since I went to the showers looking like someone had dumped a 10-gallon tank of water on me, I think it did the trick.

    But this is only part of plan. The other (and, honestly, much harder) part is only taking in 1500 calories per day. But I actually ended up coming in way under that.

    • Breakfast: Denver Scramble Bowl at Protein Bar (160 Calories)
      • Included egg whites, quinoa and salsa. Really tasty.
    • Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Bowl at Protein Bar (470 Calories)
      • Included lean chicken, quinoa, vegan buffalo sauce and carrots. Also very good!
    • Afternoon Snack: Apple (95 Calories)
      • The apple notes really complimented the-OH GOD GIVE IT TO ME I WILL DESTROY IT WITH TEETH!
    • Dinner: Gazpacho Soup (54 Calories)
      • Chilled soup isn't my favorite thing ever, but this was surprisingly filling.
    • Desert: Plain Greek Yogurt with Roasted Almonds (~160 Calories)
      • Also really filling. The almonds kind of offset the tartness of the greek yogurt.
    • Late Night Snack: Apple (95 Calories)
      • This really offset any hunger before I went to bed. Seems like something I'll be going back to.

    Total Calories: 1034

    So I clearly have a lot more to play around with than I'd originally thought. This is good news! Also, as you can see, I clearly like that Protein Bar place. It's great. Inexpensive and they put all of the nutritional info up on the menu, so it's easy to make sure you're staying on track. I went there again today after working out (look out for the results in the next installment) and got an equally tasty pesto bowl. Yum. I'll probably start making my own meals for next week, though. It'll just be way cheaper, and it'll be easier to hit the target 1500 calories.

    29 Days to Go!


    Discover Music Project: Episode 63

    Veteran co-host Jason Farmer is back for another round of DMP, and this time he's brought the awesome female singer and multi-instrumentalist, Grace Potter. Along with her band The Nocturnals, she has released several albums and developed a thrilling live performance style over the past decade or so. Grace Potter explores many different kinds of music and shows off influences like Bonnie Raitt, Grace Slick, and even Ozzie Osbourne. We can't wait to hear what this lady does next!

    1. Treat Me Right (Nothing But the Water)
    2. Left Behind (Nothing But the Water)
    3. Nothing But the Water [I] (Nothing But the Water)
    4. Cortez the Killer (Live at the Jammys)
    5. Paris [Ooh La La] (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals)
    6. Goodbye Kiss (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals)
    7. The Lion, the Beast, the Beat (The Lion, the Beast, the Beat)
    8. White Rabbit (Almost Alice)
    9. War Pigs (Live at Red Rocks)

    Halestorm - I Get Off (Halestorm)

    Direct Download

    See Jason's Hand-Written Notes


    The Space Q&A: Episode 4

    After a long break, Scott and Jonny are back with a new episode focusing on a very special topic: space suits! Did you know that some suits are entirely self-contained spaceships (that you can wear)? Learn all about these technological marvels that enable astronauts to become immersed in harsh, alien environments. Space suits are the most identifiable, most human part of spaceflight, and they happen to be one of Jonny's specialties. Very big thanks to Scott for hosting and editing this episode! (Music intro/outro added for Crosstawk edition -- "What's the Use?" by Phish, Fuji Rock Festival Sound Check, 7/29/1999.)

    Direct Download (MP3)