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    A Thousand Words - Episode 11: The Rake's Progress, The Orgy

    Things continue to be saucy at the Thousand Words studio as we do another listener pick: William Hogarth's The Rake's Progress, The Orgy. Jessica starts off by making a filthy request, Ron spots the syphillis, and Stan outs himself as a Gremlins devotee.

    In other news, we're now on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! So check us out and hook us up with a review. If you prefer to subscribe directly, just add our RSS Feed to your favorite podcasting application. 

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    It's been a while since the whole crew was together but we are back for this brand new episode of BOP! All five of us have been watching a bunch of movies so in our stuffed first segment we go over Ant-Man, Trainwreck, Inside Out, Throne of Blood, Space Jam, and a whole lot more!

    Then it's time for Mike's pick for Movie of the Month, Rosemary's Baby! Were we terrified into abstinence, or are we all forming a coven and offering sacrifices to the devil? You'll just have to listen to find out! Be sure to join us again in two weeks for another episode and send in your questions, comments, and concerns to See you then!

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    A Thousand Words - Episode 10: The Exhibition Stare Case

    A Thousand Words is now a weekly podcast! Now you get 100% more words for no extra charge!

    And to celebrate, we're doing Thomas Rowlandson's The Exhibition Stare Case. This episode's painting is rated R for images of big old butts. Such scandalous material inspires the gang into uncharted territories of filth and debauchery!

    Be sure to clutch your smelling salts as we discuss underwear, peculiar gravy boats, and trolling Antques Road Show.

    Also, be sure to follow our new Twitter account: @1KWordsPodcast.

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    A Thousand Words - Episode 9: Soir Bleu

    Sit down, relax, have a drink, and listen to the ocean roar as Jessica, Ron, and Stan serve you up a hot, steaming pile of A Thousand Words. Tonight's subject is Edward Hopper's "Soir Bleu," which roughly translates into "Van Gogh and His Clown."

    On the menu tonight is a discussion of YouTube sensation Puddles the Clown, Roland the Farter, and the soulessness of poor people.

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    We're back with another BOP and it has a completely different lineup than the last episode! That's right; Karl, Jonny, and Mike couldn't make it so Jon, Stan, and special guest Drew Pocius get together to give Jurassic World a second look, as well as talk about Jaws, Deliverance, While We're Young, Children of Men, and more!

    Then in our second segment we go over a brand new batch of your listener mail! Be sure to join us again in two weeks when we discuss Mike's pick for Movie of the Month, Rosemary's Baby. See you then!

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    Syndicated - Orange is the New Black 

    You've been sentenced to listen to yet another episode of Syndicated, the TV podcast for the lapsed viewer here on Crosstawk.  In this episode, Neal, Nathan and Andy sit down and chat about the first season of Orange is the New Black, the critically acclaimed dramedy from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan.

    After you're done listening to the episode, why not send us an email at or maybe tweet at us @SyndicatedPod?  We'd love to hear from you!  

    And don't forget that Syndicated now has a dedicated RSS feed for those of you who like that kind of thing. You can subscribe using the link above or by searching for Syndicated in iTunes or whatever else you use to listen to podcasts with.  I recommend Downcast for iOS, personally.

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    Previous TV shows covered:

    Friday Night Lights
    Veronica Mars
    House of Cards 
    Twin Peaks 
    Mad Men


    Box Office Poison: Episode 109

    Hi, folks, and welcome back to another episode of BOP! This time, Stan, Mike and Jon couldn’t make it, so we enlisted our good buddy and fellow Crosstawk host, Zach Miller, to join us. Zach’s an expert on all things dino, which is appropriate, because we kick the show off with a big discussion on Jurassic World before getting into films like Inside Out, Me & Earl & The Dying Girl and Dope.

    Then, in the second segment, Jonny and Karl discuss our pick for Movie of the Month: Bonnie and Clyde. Was the 1967 counterculture film a hit with us, or did we leave it bleeding out on the highway? You’ll have to listen in to find out! 

    Next episode will feature Post Office Poison, so please send your comments, questions and concerns to us via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) or in the comments section on the site. Thanks for listening - we’ll see you in two weeks!

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    A Thousand Words - Episode 8: The Swing

    After a much-needed vacation, the gang is back with a painting so famous, you might actually recognize it! Stan didn't, but what he doesn't know could fill all the books. This week's target is The Swing by actual 18th century artist, Jean- Honoré Fragonard.

    In this episode the crew is so scandalized by the subject matter, they suggest an alternate way to promote abstinence. And, in what is turning out to be a recurring bit, cast the painting with just the right actors.

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    Hey folks! BOP is back after a successful CrossCon and we're here to bring you a bunch of new movies to talk about. Karl, Jon, Jonny, and Mike get together to discuss Love and Mercy, Slow West, White God, Tale of Princess Kaguya, Johnny Depp in the 90s, and more! Then in our second segment we get into another batch of your listener mail.

    Want to ask the crew something? Send in your thoughts, questions, and concerns to or on Twitter (@crosstawk). Be sure to return in two weeks when we discuss Karl's next pick for Movie of the Month, Bonnie and Clyde!

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    Box Office Poison: Episode 107

    Hello everyone, and welcome to a very speical episode of Box Office Poison, recorded during Cross-Con 2015 in Nashville, TN. The guys all got together and recorded this side by side, giving you super-fresh reviews of Tomorrowland, Mad Max: Fury Road and more before getting into some special-edition listener mail concerning the nature of being offended, gut-busting laughter and movie trailers. And to keep this monster under two hours, there's even a lightning-quick review of the Movie of the Month, The Good the Bad the Weird.

    Be sure to listen in next month when the group discusses Bonnie & Clyde. And if you have any comments, questions or concerns for BOP, please let us know via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) and in the comments section on the website.

    Thanks for listening!

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