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    Hello! Welcome! Good Day! Box Office Poison is back for another episode after getting through the 1-2 punch of 99 and 100. This one might not be three hours but it's still packed with great content. In the first segment, the guys go over a bunch of new movies including Kingsman, What We Do In The Shadows, Predestination, Laggies, and even House (Hausu)! Then in our second segment we go over Mike's pick for Movie of the Month, Boogie Nights! 

    Be sure to send in your listener mail to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll get to it in two weeks on a new Post Office Poison. See ya then!

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    Discover Music Project: Episode 65

    DMP has been on an unplanned hiatus lately, but we're back now and have many more episodes planned for 2015 and beyond! The revival starts with Jonny and frequent co-host Taylor presenting the varied and surprising music of Jenny Lewis. We first discovered her as an actress, but she is far more impressive as a singer and writer of songs that balance honesty, sadness, and defiance, often all at once. This retrospective covers her career through stints with Rilo Kiley and The Postal Service, but much of our favorite material comes from just last year. It's a good bet that Jenny Lewis will be making great music for a very long time to come, so we hope this episode can be your primer, or maybe just a refresher on why she is a musical force.

    1. Head Underwater (The Voyager)
    2. She's Not Me (The Voyager)
    3. Nothing Better (Give Up -- with The Postal Service)
    4. Silver Lining (Under the Blacklight -- with Rilo Kiley)
    5. A Man / Me / Then Jim (More Adventurous -- with Rilo Kiley)
    6. Rise Up With Fists!! (Rabbit Fur Coat -- with The Watson Twins)
    7. Acid Tongue (Acid Tongue)
    8. Sing a Song for Them (Acid Tongue)
    9. Slippery Slopes (The Voyager)
    10. Just One of the Guys (The Voyager)
    11. A Better Son/Daughter (The Execution of All Things -- with Rilo Kiley)

    Carole King -- I Feel the Earth Move (Tapestry)

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    That's right, folks; we've made it to Episode 100 of Box Office Poison! The whole crew is here for this landmark episode and you bet it's a great (and long) one. We start off by diving into a huge batch of your listener mail about everything you could think of before getting into our special second segment where we all list our Top 5 movies from the year we were born!

    It was a real pleasure recording this episode, as it has been for the 99 that preceded it, and we can't wait to keep on putting out the same great content for you to tear into. Be sure to leave a review on iTunes and get at us on Twitter (@crosstawk) or write us an email and send it to! And then join us in two weeks when we discuss Mike's next Movie of the Month, Boogie Nights! 

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    Frozen North Dinnercast 28: Buzzkill

    WE'RE NOT DEAD! After almost a year of sabbatical, the Frozen North Dinnercast is BACK and ready to get up in your ear-holes. We've got a full table tonight, minus series regular Nelson, who is busy having kids. But wait--taking his place is newcomer Brian, who we hope to have around more often. In this episode we talk about the usual random stuff, including Space Jam, Looney Tunes, Up, and the fact that Gina hates everything that's good and wholesome. 

    If you like the show, send us an email at or leave a comment at the website ( You can also tweet at us: Marcus is @Marchaos1 and Zach is @zmiller1902. And if you REALLY like us, we'd love it if you'd take a minute to review us (highly) on iTunes. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

    And here's a Direct Download link if you're into that kind of thing.


    Syndicated - Alias Part 2

    How many spies does it take to catch a terrorist?  Find out, in an all new episode of Syndicated, where we discuss the back half of Alias, season 1.  We'll talk about Bristows and Vaughns, NotParkmans and Sloanes until the cow comes home.

    Andy, Luke and Nathan wrap up the Alias conversation, spoil the hell out of the rest of the series, and then discuss what's next; Twin Peaks.

    Send us email at, and tweet at us @SyndicatedPod. We love to hear from you! Yes, even you.

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    Previous TV shows covered:

    Friday Night Lights
    Veronica Mars
    House of Cards 



    Hey everybody! The guys are back to put the kibosh on last year with our wrap up show of 2014. In our first segment, we discuss Karl's pick for Movie of the Month, his personal favorite and cult classic, The Blues Brothers! Then in our second segment we all gather around to share our Top 5s of the year that was. Did your favorite film make any of our lists? Did Stan even see 5 movies? How high did I, Frankenstein rank on Karl's list? You'll just have to listen to find out!

    Next episode is the big 100 and we are gonna need a lot of your listener mail for it so be sure to send those into or to us on Twitter (@crosstawk) and we will discuss them on the show. See ya in two weeks!

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    Syndicated - Alias Part 1

    Surprise!  Syndicated, the TV Podcast for the Lasped Viewer, is back in 2015 with an all new episode and a new old TV show to talk about.

    Join Andy, Luke, and Nathan as the watch and discuss Alias, J.J. Abrams spy-action-drama-mystery show which aired from 2001-2006.  We'll be covering season one, episodes 1-13 in this first part, and the remainder of the first season next time.

    Send us email at, and tweet at us @SyndicatedPod.  We love to hear from you!  Yes, even you.

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    2015 may have just started but the guys on BOP are still deep in the process of knocking out last year's backlog. On this episode, Jon, Jonny, and Stan discuss a huge amount of 2014 releases. Whether it's Selma, Foxcatcher, Inherent Vice, or The Hobbit, all of them (even Stan!) have seen a bunch of new movies. Then in our second segment we tear into a new batch of your listener mail with reaction to our discussion of Do The Right Thing from Episode 97, Bollywood, and a two part question from our friend Buttle.

    Be sure to send in your listener mail for our fast approaching 100th episode to and to get at us on Twitter (@crosstawk). We'll see you in two weeks when we go over our Top 5 of 2014 and discuss Karl's Movie of the Month, Blues Brothers!

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    Karl, Jonny, Mike, and Stan put a cap on 2014 with this huge episode.  Packed with movies, this BOP really satisfies.  Karl takes the reigns with Into the Woods, Jonny discusses The Gambler, Mike tells us why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Stan ponders the morality of Tombstone.  All these and many, many more!

    Next they hold a mirror to society with Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.  Do they all agree that it's his masterpiece, or will they...oh, please...of course they agree!  But it's an epic discussion of a film that sadly remains timely.  This is one episode you do not want to miss!

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    Hey folks! On this episode of Box Office Poison, Karl, Jon, and Jonny get together to discuss a whole mess of 2014 movies as part of our vain effort to watch everything released this year. Then in our very special second segment, we go all in on ONE listener mail concerning the forseeable future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's the episode of Karl Teaches Kontinuity you all have been waiting for!

    Have something you wanna ask the guys? Send in your listener mail to or on Twitter (@crosstawk) and be sure to join us in two weeks when we discuss Stan's pick for Movie of the Month, Do the Right Thing!

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