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    Crosstawk Sports: Episode 3

    After some technical difficulties, the crew's back for more of the latest and greatest in the world on the field. Ben wasn't able to record in time, so our good buddy Rob jumped on the mic to assist Spencer and Jesse in bringing it home. With plenty to talk about, from Urban Meyer's resignation to some great NFL talk, this is an extra meaty show, and I know you'll enjoy it.

    Speaking of technical difficulties, however, there is some bad news. The guys are all in their respective home towns for the holidays, and had to record off of the Skype call at the last minute, producing some pretty uneven sound quality. We apologize for any issues, and promise that Episode 4 is going to sound 100% better.

    As always, if you've got any questions or comments Crosstawk Sports, you can send them on over to, hit us up on Twitter (@crosstawk) or throw down in the comments section on the website.

    Thanks for stopping by, guys, and see you on Friday for Rough Draught!

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    Hardcore Nerdography: Episode 2

    Mike, Amanda and Dante return for yet another action-packed episode of Hardcore Nerdography! This time, the crew's talking everything from NASA finding new life to Kevin Smith's Batman comics to Dante's new "love life." It's a pile of fun, so you definitely don't want to miss it!

    Have something you want the folks at Hardcore to discuss? Send your thoughts on over to You can also get in touch with Crosstawk as a whole via Twitter (@crosstawk) and, of course, there's always the comments section on the website.

    With all of that said, come back next week for Crosstawk Sports on Tuesday and a brand new Rough Draught on Friday!

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    Crosstawk Presents: A Look Back on Season 1 of The Walking Dead

    The first season of The Walking Dead on AMC just wrapped up this past Sunday, and Karl and Gus are ready to talk about it! Having been anticipating the show for some time, they had differing thoughts on whether or not it lived up to the hype, and they've got more than a few opinions on how it should develop down the line.

    If you've got anything to say about The Walking Dead, send 'em on over, either via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) or in the comments section on the website.

    With that said, see you on Friday for a new Hardcore Nerdography!

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    Discover Music Project: Episode 7

    DMP returns with yet look at music you might not be familiar with. Joining Jonny this time is the NWR Newscast's own Nathan Mustafa, and he's brought along his collection of Death Metal. For this episode, the show's going to eschew focusing in on one specific artist in favor of looking at a genre as a whole.

    And here's the set list for your convenience:

    Gothenburg/Black Metal Fusion:
    Dissection -- Starless Aeon (3:59)

    Traditional Death Metal:
    Death -- Overactive Imagination (3:30)

    Melodic Death Metal:
    Dark Tranquility -- Lost to Apathy (4:39)

    Doom Metal:
    Swallow the Sun -- Swallow (5:24)

    Black Metal:
    Dissection -- Retribution   (4:50)

    Folk Metal:
    Ensiferum -- Treacherous Gods (5:10)

    Technical Death Metal:
    Spawn of Possession [self-titled track] (3:58)

    Progressive Death Metal:
    Cynic -- Evolutionary Sleeper (3:36)


    New Wave of British Heavy Metal:
    Iron Maiden -- Powerslave  (6:48)

    As always, you can contact us via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) or via the comments section of the website.

    See you on Friday for a new Hardcore Nerdography!

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    Crosstawk Comics: Episode 4

    Welcome back to Crosstawk Comics! This episode, Karl and Gus return to finish up their discussion on The Life and Times of Jean Grey. Listen in as they talk about impractical Avengers uniforms, mysterious coccoons, time babies and even a clone or two!

    Can't get enough? Well, you're in luck, because Crosstawk Comics is going to DOUBLE-PUBLISH in December. Since we've got five Fridays this month, we'll be back again on December 31st to bring you the very best of comics in 2010!

    As always, you can contact us via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) or by commenting on the article on the site.

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    Rough Draught: Episode 5

    It's true that we had some bad news, but we'd never leave you high and dry, so instead of jibber-jabber on the Great American Pastimes, we'll be talking nonsense about some serious brews via the magic of Rough Draught!

    On this episode, oddly enough, our good buddy Jesse Laier (from Crosstawk Sports) joins us to gab about:

    Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale (4.8% ABV):

    Werewolf (8.2% ABV):

    Dogfish Head Pangaea (7% ABV):

    Saison Dupont (6.5% ABV):

    As always, you can contact us via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) or by commenting on the article on the site.

    Having said that, see you on Friday for a brand new Crosstawk Comics!

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    Editor's Note: Photo credit to Doug.


    The Bad News

    Hey, guys, just a couple things I want to address.

    First off, there will be no Crosstawk Sports this week. The crew recorded an episode, but due to an unfortunate crash, it was lost. It's too bad, because I know the guys worked hard on it, but there's really nothing that could be done. CS will return in two weeks for the December 14th show. As usual, next Tuesday will see the debut of another episode of Discover Music Project.

    Speaking of DMP, that brings me to my next point. You may have noticed that Episode 5 (Ben Folds) is not currently available for download. This is a result of a mistake on the part of our hosting service, I'm working with them to get this matter resolved as soon as possible, and with some luck, you should be able to download it again soon.

    It sucks to have to deliver the bad news, but it is what it is. Be sure to come back on Friday for a new episode of Crosstawk Comics. It's already edited and ready to go, so barring a hurricane/snowstorm/Cthulhu, it'll be up and available at the usual time.

    Thanks, folks.


    Thoroughly Manly Musicals: Mamma Mia!

    After an all-too-long wait, Thoroughly Manly Musicals is back with a brand new episode. This month, Stan takes Mamma Mia! to task. I won't pretend to know much about this flick - I know there's ABBA, a mystery of Who-The-Daddy and some godawful singing. Truly, Stan's going to have fun here. Let's get to it:


    Come back on Tuesday for Crosstawk Sports!


    Box Office Poison: Episode 5

    Stuffed with turkey? Digging into those leftover yams? Well, BOP's here to keep you company! It's a brand new month, and we've got a lot to talk about, starting with a long discussion on the new Harry Potter, and continuing on with I'm Not There, Winter's Bone, Jackass 3D, a defense of Bill Shatner's acting skills and even a love letter to the Disney classic, Captain EO!

    Once we wrap that up, we get to our Movie of the Month: The Third Man. We all really dug the flick, and we had a great conversation about what makes it an awesome European noir film. Next month, we'll be watching Synecdoche, New York.

    As always, you can contact us via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) or by commenting on the article on the site.

    Also, we mentioned the upcoming RFN: Doin' It Live... For the Kids! You can see all of the details here:

    See you on Tuesday for a new Crosstawk Sports, and again on Friday for a new Crosstawk Comics!

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    Discover Music Project: Episode 6

    DMP returns for yet another romp into the realm of music you might not be familiar with. The NWR Newscast's own Andy Goergen returns, but this time it's Jonny's pick, and who else could they be talking about than Bob Dylan, an artist Jonny admires above all others, save perhaps Phish. And as always, here's the complete set list for your convenience:

    Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Freewheelin') - 3:40
    Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Nashville Skyline) - 3:24
    Positively 4th Street (Greatest Hits) - 3:54
    I Don't Believe You (Another Side) - 4:23
    Mr. Tambourine Man (Rolling Thunder Revue) - 5:39
    You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome (Blood on the Tracks) - 2:52
    Ring Them Bells (Oh Mercy) - 2:59
    Corrina, Corrina (Freewheelin') - 2:44
    Dear Landlord (John Wesley Harding) - 3:16
    Desolation Row (Highway 61) - 11:21

    Encore: Last Thoughts on Woodie Guthrie (Bootleg Series 1-3) - 7:08

    Further Listening:

    The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Blood on the Tracks
    The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5: Rolling Thunder Revue

    As always, you can contact us via email (, Twitter (@crosstawk) and via the website. Once you're done there, please rate and review us on iTunes - we'd surely appreciate it! Having said that, have a good one, folks! We'll see you on Friday for a brand new episode of Box Office Poison!

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