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    They See Me Rollin' - Chapter 1 - Ep 4 - Scorching Ray Romano

    The adventurers are sent out in disguise to capture the Captain of the king's guard! What kind of strange people will they encounter? Will they ever succeed in branding themselves? Will the A Very Full House book ever be useful? This episode answers 2 out of three of those questions! Listen while Jelly brainstorms, Skumk feasts, and Coen touches himself!


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    Box Office Poison: Episode 149

    Hey folks, sorry for the delay on this episode, but we hope the content will be more than worth the wait! This time, Mike and Jon couldn't make it, so we enlisted Shannon from A Force to Remember to come on and fill in! In the first segment, we talked about some great movies, including Train to Busan, Lion, Hidden Figures, Moana and more. Then, in Segment 2, we got to the Movie of the Month: Stroszek. Was Herzog's Late-70s tale of coming to America as weird as Ebert proclaimed? You'll have to listen in to find out.

    Now, next episode, we'll be giving our Year-End Best of 2016 list, but we'll also be doing a round of Post Office Poison, so send your questions, comments, and concerns to, Twitter (@crosstawk), or use the comments section on the site.

    Thanks for listening, and we'll see you next Friday!

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    They See Me Rollin' - Chapter 1 - Ep 3 - Vengeance Voyeur

    Merry Holidays from They See Me Rollin'! Today is *not* a Special Christmas Episode, but is instead, a very special regular episode where the adventurers meet a nice person and do nice things. For example: Jelly gets drunk, Skumk gets vertigo, and Coen takes an oath.


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    Sure it's only been two days since our last episode was released but it's a special time of year. That's right, it's friggin Christmas. So for Christmas Eve we got together to record a special episode. After a couple things we've been watching we discuss our BOP Movie of the Holidays, Gremlins! Then in our second segment it's time for our Top 3 Favorite Christmas Movies!

    We're taking a little holiday break but be sure to look out for our next episode when we talk about Karl's Movie of the Month, Stroszek! Also if you've got any questions for the crew send them over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and then head on over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. We'll see you in 2017 so for the whole crew, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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    A Thousand Words - Episode 48 - Beethoven Frieze

    Klimt's Beethoven Frieze is many things to many people. To some it is a masterwork depicting a Greek myth. To others it is an expression of a hunger for spaghetti. Where do the A Thousand Words gang fall? You'll have to listen to find out. Also Stan makes a bad impression, Ron praises Tom Waits melodious voice, and Jessica coins a term.

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    It's been a minute since our last episode but we had to hold off a week to make way for the newest entry into the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One! It's our Spotlight movie, of course, but there is plenty more as we also discuss La La Land, Barry, The Witness, Tower, and more! Then in our second segment we cover Stan's pick for Movie of the Month, Earth Girls Are Easy!

    Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days because we're gonna be dropping a very special Christmas-themed episode. Have any questions for the crew? Send em over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll answer them on the show. See ya soon!

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    A Force to Remember: Rogue One

    With a new Star Wars film released, Karl and Shannon are back to discuss it, along with a film of Shannon's choosing. It's been a year since the last episode, but well, it's been a year since the last Star Wars, as well. So I think we all agree that the release schedule for this podcast makes sense. Yes? Okay, cool.

    After making it through Rogue One (with both a spoiler-less and spoiler-full discussion), Shannon brings it home with her film choice: Legally Blonde. How did the law school days of Elle Woods stand up to the crushing, immeasurable power of the Death Star? You'll have to listen in to find out.

    If you have a spare moment, head to iTunes and leave us a rating and review. And if you have something of your own to say about Legally Blonde or Rogue One, we'll be happy to address it on-air for the next Box Office Poison. You can also find more great Crosstawk shenanigans on Twitter (@crosstawk).

    Thanks for listening!

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    The GG Show - Episode 16: Well That Was a Letdown 

    This week is all about our greatest gaming disappointments. Sometimes you have that game that you're just so excited for, and you know is going to be the next big thing that drags you in and completely immerses you in a new world...until it doesn't. Let's talk about 'em!

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    They See Me Rollin - Chapter 2 - Of Gobs and Men - The Opera Punchers

    After recklessly jumping into a natural water slide, our squad finds themselves up against their toughest foe, an abomination of eyes and mouths coming to eat them. But our brave troupe isn't one to just stand there. First they'll send in their new friend and then stand there. Additionally, Jelly lends a hand, Skumk cannonballs, and Coen names a goddess.


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    Hey everybody! BOP is back again. Karl and the Jons start things off with a Spotlight discussion on the newest in the Harry Potterverse, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before getting into Manchester by the Sea, The Handmaiden, and much much more! Then in our second segment we are joined by Stan and Mike to open up a new batch of your listener mail.

    Have a question for the guys? Send it over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll get to it on the show. Be sure to come back in two weeks when we discuss Stan's pick for MotM, Earth Girls Are Easy! See you then!

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