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    Introducing: Karl Teaches Kontinuity

    This week you're in for a brand new show from Crosstawk: Karl Teaches Kontinuity.

    In it, I, Karl Castaneda, will go in-depth and explain all of the convoluted weirdness that is comic book continuity. For this first episode, we'll be getting into the various Ages of the comic book industry, starting with the Golden Age, and explaining the begining of the Silver Age. This is the first of a two-parter, so be sure to come back next time to hear the rest of the story.

    Also, don't forget to write in about any of Crosstawk's shows at and head on over to iTunes to rate and review us. We've had a few reviews show up recently, and the only way to get the word out is to write more.

    Next week Box Office Poison returns, so see you then!

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    EDITOR'S NOTE: Listening back, I noticed that I mistakenly referred to Earth-2 as being the Earth where the Silver Age heroes live. This is not correct, so when I later refer that Earth as where the Golden Age heroes reside, pretend I was saying that the whole time!


    Thoroughly Manly Musicals: Across the Universe

    Proving that he runs on Duracell batteries and badass flannel robes, Stan Ferguson's back with a brand new edition of Thoroughly Manly Musicals. This week, Stan's talking about Across the Universe, the Beatles-inspired 2007 love story directed by Julie Taymor. Like the song goes, Stan's getting better all the time.



    TAWK Rewind: TAWK-112 Episode 13

    Hey there, folks!

    Crosstawk's taking the week off, so we'll be treating you to another re-release of the show that started it all, TAWK-112. On this episode, Karl, Jon, Casper and Tyler discuss Batman 3, James Bond, Bruno and bring it home with a discussion on what movies ought to be released under the Criterion Collection.

    And when you're done listening, be sure to check out Thoroughly Manly Musicals, a site-exclusive video show from Stan Ferguson. With each iteration, Stan's going to be breaking down the good and the bad of a specific film, starting with Episode 1 on RENT. It's a fantastic show, so you don't want to miss it.

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    See you next week!



    Introducing: Thoroughly Manly Musicals

    So I'm extremely psyched to show off the latest addition to the Crosstawk family: Stan Ferguson's Thoroughly Manly Musicals. With each iteration, Stan's going to be tackling a different outing in musical theater, be it good or bad. With the introductory episode, the topic of discussion's going to be RENT, directed by Chris Columbus, adapted from the stage play by Jonathan Larson.

    Enough of me squaking, though - let's get to the show:


    Box Office Poison: Episode 2

    Box Office Poison returns!

    Mike Sklens couldn't make recording this month, but Karl, Jonny, Evan and Stan are back with tons of movies to discuss, from recent releases like Scott Pilgrim and The Kids Are All Right to classics like F For Fake and Twenty-Four Eyes to not-so-great outings like Across the Universe and Rent.

    In our second segment, our Movie of the Month for August is the infamous Caligula. Will the gang like the movie as much as Jonny does? You'll have to listen in to find out!

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    Rough Draught: Episode 3

    Ahoy-hoy, folks.

    For this month's edition of Rough Draught, Mike Sklens unfortunately couldn't make it, but Jon and I are both back to rock your skulls with some brand new beers. Here's what you're in for:

    1. Sam Adams Black Lager

    2. Terrapin Gamma Ray

    3. Victory Golden Monkey

    4. Kasteel Donker

    5. Coney Island Human Blockhead Tough as Nails Lager

    So now that you know the beers, check out the show to hear the tastings!

    Direct Download


    TAWK Rewind: TAWK-112 Episode 16

    Hey there, folks!

    Sorry for the late update this week. I just got back from a trip to New York / Philadelphia / New Jersey, and I haven't had much time to put anything together. I also know I promised "something special" this week, but that also unfortunately fell through.

    Never fear, though! This week you'll have another window into the past via the show that started it all, TAWK-112. Numbers have shown that you guys love this stuff, so feel free to dig right in. This week Karl, Jon, Casper, Jesse and guest star Logan discuss the early rumblings of the recent Predators movie, the worst remakes and sequels and get an email from a very special listener.

    Direct Download


    Check it Out: Track Rep

    Hey folks,

    So Antonio Siqueira, who you'll all remember from his guest spot on Rough Draught: Episode 2, just started up a new blog about hip hop called Track Rep. You should definitely head on over. Antonio's gonna be providing links to what he's listening to and what you ought to be immersing yourself in.'s all about our family, and Antonio's Track Rep is absolutely a part of it, so this isn't something you wanna miss!


    TAWK Rewind: TAWK-112 Episode 15's taking the week off (again), but we'd never leave you hanging, so here's another classic from the show that started it all: TAWK-112. On this episode, Karl, Jon, Casper, Jesse, Matt and Phillip discuss vinyl sales being way up, give their first thoughts on the upcoming Green Lantern movie, review Observe & Report (which had just come out when Episode 15 was recorded) and bring it home with their Top 5 Guilty Pleasures.

    Oddly enough, the first few minutes of the show are dedicated to addressing technical difficulties, which would end up being the death of the show. On a lighter side, we finally got that website going! is what would've been, so in a way, we kept our promise.

    Come back next week for something special!

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    TAWK Rewind: TAWK-112 Episode 11

    With no new episodes to release this week, now's as good a time as ever to start re-releasing the best episodes of the podcast that inspired Crosstawk, TAWK-112. In it, Karl Castaneda hosts a panel consisting of his roommates (and regular co-hosts) Jon Rind, Michael Casper and Phillip Snyder, in addition to frequent guest stars like Tyler Craig and Jesse Laier. In Episode 11, the gang discusses the possibility of real-life mutants, a bunch of comics talk, and the Top 5 Things From Our Childhood That Are Still Awesome (aka '90s fuckyeah).

    Enjoy, and see you next week!


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