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    Syndicated: Episode 8 (Fringe, Part 2)

    After discussing the first 10 episodes of Fringe, Luke, Andy, Neal and Nathan are back to conclude our conversation of this cult J.J. Abrams hit show.

    We'll be discussing season one, episodes 11-20.  Please disregard the weird episode 21 thing on Netflix.  It's not part of our discussion.  Regardless, you should watch some Fringe, and then queue up the podcast to listen to our thoughts. 

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    Syndicated: Episode 7 (Fringe, Part 1)

    With two shows under our belt, the Syndicated Crew is headed out to parts unknown to cover the J.J. Abrams sci-fi show "Fringe".  Rather than three parts, we're just going to be covering this episode in two parts to make the conversation just a bit less dry.  Hopefully.

    In this episode of Syndicated, we're adding a new fouth chair to the group in Nathan, who once upon a time recorded a video game podcast with Andy and Neal.  Luke takes lead on the conversation to lead us through a discussion of Fringe Season One, episodes 1-10.

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