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    Entries in House of Cards (2)


    Syndicated: Episode 10 (House of Cards, Part 2)

    Having watched the first part of the season, we now move on to the second half of season one for House of Cards, Nathan's pick.  We talk about Frank, Claire, Zoey, the Rib Shack Guy, Peter Russo, and all of the other characthers who live to serve the Frank Underwood Story.  What do we think about all this?  Tune in and find out!

    Next time on Syndicated: We return to Dillon, TX and discuss seasons 2 and 3 of Friday Night Lights!

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    Syndicated: Episode 9 (House of Cards, Part 1)

    For our fourth selection we turn to Nathan, who picks the highly regarded political drama (and Netflix exclusive), House of Cards. This is a marked departure from our light-hearted fare thus far (although maybe Fringe isn't really that light-hearted), so how do the other folks on the show react?  Tune in and find out!

    We'll be discussing season one, episodes 1-7, and then we'll finish it off in two weeks with another House of Cards podcast on episodes 8-13. 

    We have a twitter account!  Follow us at @TheLapsedViewer.

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